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Enrolment application forms

Thank you for considering NSW School of Languages, a leader in language learning which provides education to students via distance education. We invite you to submit your Application for Enrolment through the links below.

Please ensure you download the correct enrolment application form and read the supporting documents.

Forward completed application forms to enrolments.nswsol@det.nsw.edu.au

Note: Submitting false, inaccurate or incomplete information could place a student's eligibility for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) at risk.

Enrolment application forms

  1. School Agreement 2024 (PDF 2866KB)
  2. Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 application 2024 (PDF 1889KB)
  3. Year 11 and 12 EALD application 2024 (PDF 351KB) 
  4. Statutory declaration (PDF 435KB)

Supporting documents

  1. Year 11 eligibility charts
  2. Enrolment Information Handbook 2024 (PDF 494KB)
  3. Digital signature quick start guide (PDF 701KB)
  4. Instructions (PDF 202KB) on how to download, sign and save the NSL application form
  5. Video on how to download and complete the NSL application form
  6. Course Information brochure (PDF 1300KB)

Other forms and information

  1. Recognition of prior learning RPL (PDF 195KB)
  2. Late or unforeseen and unique circumstances - NSW Public Schools (PDF 151KB) 
  3. Late or unforeseen and unique circumstances - Other educational providers (PDF 177KB) 
  4. Change of school form (PDF 245KB) 
  5. Notification of withdrawal form (PDF 397KB)
  6. Distance Education intake areas (PDF 173KB)
  7. Generic lesson day permission slip (PDF 1348KB)