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Course overview

Stage 5

E-learning classes are in development for the 200-hour Russian course. They can be accessed by students and are currently used for project work set in Year 9 and Year 10 as part of the student's course work. Students are encouraged to use the internet for research purposes. Year 9 and 10 projects develop students' skills in ICT as well as their Russian language skills and knowledge of culture. The students work with booklets and handwriting practice (25 booklets for Year 9 and 25 for Year 10). 4 modules with CDs are used to incorporate recent changes in Russian. Students can receive course CDs on loan. Email is an integral part of any communication with students. Regular phone contact with their teacher allows the students to do their speaking practice and discuss any questions they might have regarding the course.

Stage 6

Russian continuers

The course based on the continuers syllabus recognises that the demographics of the Russian community in Australia have changed. Many students of Russian background were born in Australia and are learning Russian as a second language. The on-line Russian continuers preliminary course has been created to meet the objectives and course outcomes of the new continuers syllabus. The first HSC examination for the Russian continuers syllabus was in 2015.

Students access their learning materials in their e-learning class on the NSW School of Languages e-learning site. There are links to Russian websites they can explore as well as to the relevant sites on the NESA website.

The course provides a flexible learning approach using a more innovative approach to the study of language. Ample practice is provided for students to develop their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills through a number of diverse exercises and activities.

The three prescribed themes are the focus of the course:

  • the individual
  • the Russian-speaking communities
  • the changing world

Each theme has a number of prescribed topics, for example: personal identity, education, leisure, lifestyles, visiting Russia, arts and entertainment, environmental issues, world of work, social issues.

The continuers course consists of 35 units. The students are given two school weeks to complete the work of one unit, unless they enrol late and have to catch up. The first 15 units are set for the three terms of the preliminary course (units 16-35 are studied in the HSC course). Each unit has tasks for the 4 skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Phone lessons are organized with the aim of developing the students' conversational skills.

Face-to-face lessons each term and some cultural events at the NSW School of Languages provide the students with the opportunity to have an informal language exchange with their peers and to seek further assistance and support.

Some universities in NSW take Russian studies into consideration as part of their admission process. For example, Macquarie University offers 5 extra bonus points for those students who have completed Russian as part of their Higher School Certificate.

Syllabuses (From NESA)

Go to the NESA syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.