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Course overview

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Stage 5

200 hours course

This course is designed for students who wish to study Russian in Years 9 and 10 as an elective subject. Students with no knowledge, some prior knowledge or background knowledge of Russian are eligible to study this course.

The courses contain a variety of interactive learning activities which cater for all levels of knowledge. There are online tasks and worksheets which students need to submit weekly for marking. Regular weekly online speaking lessons are also an integral part of the course. During these one-on-one lessons, students will develop their speaking skills and have the opportunity to discuss any queries about the coursework with their teacher. Face-to-face lesson days are also organised for students to meet and interact with their peers at NSW School of Languages. All the learning materials for these courses are available in the e-learning class. It is not necessary to purchase additional resources.

There are 32 modules to complete each year, ranging in topics from hobbies and interests, special celebrations, entertainment, daily life, weekend activities, food and drink, holidays and travel etc.

Stage 6

Russian Continuers

This course is designed for students who have studied Russian in Years 9 and 10 or for those who have prior or background knowledge of Russian.

The course provides a flexible blended learning approach. Ample practice is provided for students to develop their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills through a number of diverse exercises and activities.

All the materials for learning are available in the e-learning class. It is not necessary to purchase additional texts or resources.

In the Year 11 Preliminary course there are 24 modules set for study. Each module in the course has interactive learning activities and clearly states what work the students are required to submit to their teacher for marking. Weekly online speaking lessons with their teacher allow for speaking practice as well as opportunities to further discuss the course work.

In the Year 12 HSC course there are 20 units to complete over the four school terms. Additional enrichment and extension materials as well as links to Russian language learning sites are also available for all students in the e-learning class. This course focuses not only on the HSC syllabus topics but also heavily on HSC examination skills and techniques.

Face-to-face lesson days each term and some cultural events at the NSW School of Languages provide the students with the opportunity to have an informal language exchange with their peers and to seek further assistance and support.

Syllabuses (from NESA)

Go to the NESA syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.