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Course Overview

Stage 5

The Stage 5 Year 9 and 10 students work through an updated course developed specifically for Distance Education. The 200-hour course is complemented by a significant number of interactive e-learning tasks enabling students to consolidate their learning. A wide variety of audio and visual material presented through the e-learning site brings the study of the language and culture alive.

Regular phone lessons with the teacher enable quick resolution of any problems in regard to coursework. Also, the phone lessons enable quick resolution of any problems in regard to coursework.

Stage 6

Indonesian Beginners

In Stage 6 Beginners, students gain a wide exposure to the Indonesian language, culture and way of life through a course complemented by e-learning delivery and a rich array of audio and visual material. Students work on materials designed for Distance Education by NSW School of Languages. Students are expected to submit work regularly. This includes handwritten submissions, interactive computer tasks as well as telephone lessons. This regular contact with their teacher enables the student to practise their oral and listening skills in addition to providing an opportunity to students to discuss any matter with their teacher.

Indonesian Continuers

During the Preliminary Course Year 11 students complete at least the first 3 modules of the Jajak Indonesian course which was produced for Distance Education and is supplied by NSW School of Languages. The two-year course consists of 8 modules which develop the students' skills in all the required syllabus areas. There is a wealth of self-correcting exercises so the students can get immediate feedback; there is also a variety of tasks which require students to consolidate their learning and to get examination practice. Students have weekly phone contact with their teacher during which time they can hone their Indonesian conversation skills and discuss anything needing clarification. All students join the cyber classroom where they can easily contact their teacher as well as one another. In this classroom they can access a variety of support documents, class schedules and receive communication from their teacher directed to them either as individuals or as a class.

Indonesian Extension

The Indonesian Extension course involves in depth study of an Indonesian film on DVD and three contemporary issues in society, which arise in the film. Students are provided with a wealth of support material to help them develop their skills in understanding and analysing the film and to manipulate language so that they can write texts related to the required issues as well as discuss those issues orally. The course program includes weekly phone contact with their teacher during which students can develop their skills in presenting a point of view in Indonesian related to the issues in the course. All students join the cyber classroom where they can easily contact their teacher as well as one another. In this classroom they can access a variety of support documents, class schedules and communication from their teacher directed to them as individuals or as a class.

Indonesian and Literature

Students with experience in the language will find this course to be very rewarding as they are able to maintain their knowledge of their own culture and language. In both the Preliminary and HSC courses students study a variety of interesting contemporary issues such as Family in contemporary society, The influence of popular culture on young people, What it means to be an Indonesian, and Environmental issues. Many of these issues are explored through the study of literary texts such as short stories and film. The Indonesian and Literature Courses complement the study of English and are a valuable addition to any student's education.

The study of contemporary issues is kept up to date with material presented on online or via email.

Both courses are available through the e-learning site with some interactive forums to enable discussion of ideas with other students and the teacher.

Phone lessons are available on request.

Face to face lessons are conducted every term enabling students to benefit from an interactive classroom environment.

Indonesian in Context

The Preliminary and HSC Indonesian in Context Courses are blended learning courses with paper based material and online content. The Preliminary Course consists of 23 units of course work, with 24 units in the HSC Course. Students also have weekly telephone lessons with their teacher to develop their skills and receive additional feedback and support. Study days are held at the NSW School of Languages at various times throughout the year.

Note: Any student enrolling in Indonesian at NSW School of Languages has his/her study background checked to determine their course according to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards criteria. Students in Stage 5 who are clearly going to be studying the Indonesian and Literature course Stage 6 are given a program of study which prepares them for the Stage 6 Indonesian and Literature course. 

Course Materials


Course materials for all Indonesian courses are provided by NSW School of Languages.


All students should have a comprehensive language dictionary. We recommend you buy both of the following volumes:

  • Kamus Inggris-Indonesia by John M. Echols & Hasan Shadily.
  • Kamus Indonesia-Inggris by John M. Echols & Hasan Shadily.

They are available from:

Language Book Centre

 131 York St, Sydney 2000

 Phone:    02 9267 1397

 Fax:         02 9264 8993

 Outside Sydney Metro Area

 Freecall: 1800 802 432

Textbooks can be ordered online at language books

Please mention that the student studies Indonesian at NSW School of Languages, so that you receive the school discount.

Syllabuses (From NESA)

Go to the NESA syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.