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Course overview

View or print a Korean language brochure (PDF 5581KB)

Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10)

The stage 5 course (Years 9 and 10) caters for all proficiency levels, including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Eligibility rules apply for students continuing on to the Stage 6 Continuers or in Context courses.

200 hour course

The course is delivered online via Canvas and includes various interactive learning activities. Students are encouraged to develop their communication skills and cultural understanding through engagement with Korean-speaking communities and Korean-language media. There are worksheets and online tasks which students need to submit weekly. Regular weekly speaking lessons delivered on-screen are also an integral part of the course. During these one-on-one sessions, students will develop their speaking skills and have the opportunity to ask their teacher any course-related questions. Each term, face-to-face lesson days are planned at NSW School of Languages so that students can meet their classmates and engage in practical language learning activities with a range of vibrant cultural activities.

100 hour course Korean

The 100 hour course is for Year 10 students who have not prevoiusly studied Korean. Students who complete the 100 hour course, remain eligible for the Stage 6 Beginners course, dependant on meeting other criteria and this course is excellent preparation for the Stage 6 Beginners course.


Stage 6 (Years 11 & 12)

Korean Beginners

This course is designed for students with very little or no knowledge of Korean. In this course, students gain a wide exposure to the Korean language, culture and way of life through a course complemented by e-learning delivery and a rich array of audio and visual material. The coursework consists of 8 modules in each term. The modules are set for self-directed study in Preliminary and HSC Korean Beginners courses. Students are expected to submit work regularly. This includes handwritten submissions, interactive online tasks as well as speaking lessons via telephone and/or online conferencing tools. Weekly speaking lessons with the teacher are also a compulsory part of this course whereby students can develop their Korean speaking skills. Face-to-face lesson days are also organised for students to meet and interact with their peers at NSW School of Languages. 

Korean Continuers

The Preliminary and HSC Korean Continuers' courses are designed for students with 200 hours prior learning in Stage 5. Delivered via the Canvas learning platform, the courses contain a range of different activities such as quizzes where students can develop their skills and receive immediate feedback. There are also a variety of tasks which require students to consolidate their learning and to get examination practice. Students have weekly on-screen lessons with their teacher to develop their conversational skills and receive additional feedback and support. Study days are held at NSW School of Languages at various times throughout the year.

Korean in Context

Stage 6 Korean in Context learners are students who have been brought up using the Korean language outside the classroom, and who have a connection to Korean culture. Learning in the Korean in Context courses will enable students to strengthen their personal connections to their heritage and will enhance the development of their bilingual and bicultural identities.

The Stage 6 course provides students with the opportunity to develop their communication skills, knowledge, and understanding of Korean language, culture, and identity through six prescribed Modules and related texts. Students engage in a Personal Investigation module in Year 12, which allows them to explore an area of interest related to one of the issues.

The courses are available via Canvas, with a variety of stimuli to explore the study of the issues. There are weekly speaking lessons with their teacher to develop their understanding and receive feedback and support. Study days are held at NSW School of Languages at various times throughout the year, providing students with first-hand experiences of Korean cultures and language learning activities.

Course materials


All learning materials are provided by NSW School of Languages via Moodle and Canvas.


All students should have a comprehensive language dictionary. We recommend the purchasing of one of the following dictionaries:

1. Si-sa Elite: English-Korean & Korean-English Dictionary (Paperback)

2. Metro: Dong-A's Metro English-Korean, Korean-English Dictionary

3. English-Korean & Korean-English One-to-one Dictionary

4. Minjung’s Essence Korean-English Dictionary

Syllabuses (from NESA)

Go to the NESA syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.