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Course overview

Stage 5

The junior course in Korean encompasses a study of language, customs and traditions. Students work on weekly packages through the e-learning site which consist a variety of audio and visual material. Weekly phone contact with their teacher allows the students to build up their listening and speaking skills and discuss their progress.

Any student enrolling in Korean at NSW School of Languages has his/her study background checked to determine whether they are a Background Speaker or a Continuer according to the NESA rules. 

Stage 6

Korean Beginners

In Stage 6 beginners, students gain a wide exposure to the Korean language, culture and way of life through a course complemented by e-learning delivery and a rich array of audio and visual material. Students work on materials designed for Distance Education by NSW School of Languages. Students are expected to submit work regularly. This includes handwritten submissions, interactive computer tasks as well as telephone lessons. This regular contact with their teacher enables the student to practise their oral and listening skills in addition to providing an opportunity to students to discuss any matter with their teacher.

Korean Continuers

As with all continuers courses students study topics focusing on their Personal World, Korean Speaking Communities and Global Issues such as those confronting youth and women both in Australia and in Korea. The course is delivered in the form of weekly packages. Students can interact with their teachers each week via telephone lessons. Each term there is a face-to-face lesson where all members of the class can meet each other.

School visits by the teacher can be arranged to enhance the learning experience.

Course materials


All learning materials are provided by NSW School of Languages via Moodle and Canvas.


All students should have a comprehensive language dictionary. We recommend the purchasing of one of the following dictionaries:

1. Si-sa Elite: English-Korean & Korean-English Dictionary (Paperback)

2. Metro: Dong-A's Metro English-Korean, Korean-English Dictionary

3. English-Korean & Korean-English One-to-one Dictionary

4. Minjung’s Essence Korean-English Dictionary (4th Edition)

Syllabuses (From NESA)

Go to the NESA syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.