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Modern Greek

Course overview

Stage 5

The study of the Modern Greek language in the junior course is done through weekly packages of work which are provided by Open High School. Students learn about the diverse customs of Greece and Cyprus. The language content is based on the following themes: My Personal World, School life, Daily routine, Sport and Entertainment. Students are expected to complete their oral tasks by phone on a weekly basis.

Stage 6

Modern Greek beginners

The textbook Communicate in Greek Volume 1 is used in conjunction with material written by NSW School of Languages staff. A CD-ROM accompanies weekly units of work, and students are expected to complete oral tasks by phone.

In 2007 the new beginners syllabus has been implemented with the first HSC examination in 2008. This syllabus includes the teaching of the Greek language and the customs and traditions of Greece and Cyprus. Beginners students are tested for eligibility if they have any prior knowledge of the language through schooling or a Greek heritage background.

Modern Greek continuers

Students are provided with modules of work each containing 5 units. Each module is based on a prescribed theme, eg, the theme ‘My Personal World ‘ is covered in the first 3 modules.Students receive weekly packages of work and are expected to complete their oral work by phone.

Extension work is encouraged for continuers students wishing to choose Modern Greek extension in Year 12.

Modern Greek extension

Students are sent packages of work which contain material analysing 6 prescribed songs. In addition, students are expected to complete assigned work which will assist them in extending their writing and oral skills in the Modern Greek language. All work is sent in packages and students are encouraged to complete their oral work by phone.

Syllabuses (From BOSTES)

Go to the BOSTES syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.