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Course overview

Stage 5 French

In keeping with latest methodologies in modern teaching practices, the Year 9 and 10 courses have been developed to assist students achieve the Syllabus aims and course Outcomes using innovative programs delivered in the e-learning class. The courses are structured to meet the needs of every student in a blended learning environment. Each student will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of diverse activities and interactive tasks. These self-directed learning practices are aimed at fostering an environment in which students can work at a pace best suited to individual learning needs in developing their language skills. The self-correcting grammar exercises are designed to enhance the acquisition of language structures by providing ample practice and on-going self-evaluation. The exercises in the Canvas online learning platform, allow students to measure both success and target areas of weakness. They further assist the teacher in identifying and promptly addressing targeted areas of weakness in a one-on-one exchange.

Incorporated into the program is an oral component. Students will have a regular weekly phone/video lesson with their teacher to practise their spoken French. This is a valuable opportunity for them to seek further assistance and support from their teacher. The written component in their course work will be submitted for correction upon completion of each unit of work. Each course will comprise ongoing formal assessments. There will be an Examination in Term 4.

Note: A face to face lesson day is scheduled once a term onsite at NSL in Petersham. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these lessons are held online. Relevant information is distributed to students and their home schools ahead of the lesson day.

For Year 9 students, all the learning materials are available in the e-learning class in Canvas. It is not necessary to purchase additional resources. The course contains a variety of interactive learning activities which cater for all levels of knowledge. There are 32 modules to complete, ranging in topics such as hobbies and interests, celebrations, food, school. The course programs provide an excellent environment for the learner to gain proficiency and confidence through a flexible approach and a variety of innovative activities.

For Year 10 students the learning materials are also in Canvas. The course contains 32 modules. The topics range from holidays, free time, apps, traditional recipes to talking about films, etc.

The Year 10 French 100 hour course is designed for students who have not previously studied French. Students who have completed the 100 hour course are eligible for enrolment in the Stage 6 French Beginners course.

Students should purchase a bilingual French print dictionary. Details below.

Stage 6

French Beginners

The French beginners course is a course originally produced for Distance Education and has recently been adapted to meet the demands of the new syllabus. The preliminary course consists of 3 modules each containing 4-6 units of work with the relevant audio files and one-week review modules, to be completed after each module. The HSC course consists of 4 modules each containing 4 units of work. Following the completion of these modules there is additional material to help students prepare for the HSC examination.

Weekly to phone contact with their teacher allows students to practice the speaking skills component of the course interactively, and also allows for more immediate support of students in their learning.

French Continuers

The French continuers course is a new course produced for Distance Education by NSW School of Languages. The preliminary course consists of 21 units and the HSC course consists of 20 units. The audio files are available for download via Moodle. On completion of the course there is additional material, which students can study to consolidate their learning.

The course is very comprehensive and aims to develop all four-skill areas. Additionally, material has been produced in each skill area to be completed simultaneously with each unit of work to consolidate the skills and to develop examination technique. Phone lessons are organised on a weekly basis with the aim of developing the students' conversational skills.

French Extension

The French Extension course is a new course produced by NSW School of Languages. It provides students with opportunities to develop a greater competence and fluency in the language while exploring contemporary issues in French-speaking and Australian societies. The course is based on the set text, the film Intouchables​, as well as the three Prescribed Issues: Acceptance, Resilience and Identity. The course is delivered online in Canvas, and provides students with opportunities to digitally collaborate with their peers to complete authentic tasks and to engage in online discussions. Students also benefit from individualised instruction from their classroom teacher online and in weekly telephone or video-conferencing lessons.

Course materials

The following is a list of learning materials which need to be purchased for the specified course. All prices are approximate.  If a course is not listed, the materials are provided by NSW School of Languages via the Moodle site.

Dictionary - all students are required to have thier own print dictionary.

Students should have a comprehensive language dictionary. We recommend the purchase of one of the following dictionaries:

  • Collins French Dictionary and Grammar ($26 approx).
  • Larousse Concise Dictionary ($27 approx).
  • Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary. Oxford University Press. ($33 approx).
  • Foreign Language Dictionaries » Bilingual Dictionaries French. Hardback 1472 pages. Price: $45.55.

Dictionaries may be purchased from Abbey’s Bookshop in store at 171 York St Sydney or online at www.abbeys.com.au

In addition, for smartphone and tablet users we highly recommend the fast and easy to use Larousse English-French Dictionary App available from:

  1.  Apple App Store ($5:49 approx.).
  2.  Android Google Play ($5 approx.).

Please note that online dictionaries are not permitted to be used in exams. Only print dictionaries may be used in some assessments.

HSC French Extension

  • Film: Intouchables ​by Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano.
  • Cost: approximately $13 (JB HI-FI) or approximately $20 (Abbey's Bookshop).
  • The DVD can be purchased from JB HI-FI or Abbey's Bookshop​.​

Stage 6 Syllabuses (from NESA)

You can go to the NESA syllabus download page in order to access all the syllabus avaliable.