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Course overview

Stage 5

The Stage 5 Year 9 and 10 courses in French are based on a course produced with the textbook Tapis Volant. Students have the flexibility to enter the course at different points depending on their prior experience. Students are expected to complete 26 weekly packages per year. In addition, there are a number of Internet-based mini projects to complete on a fortnightly basis.

Fortnightly phone contact with their teacher allows the students to do their speaking skills practice and discuss any issues they might have in regard to the course work.

Stage 6

French Beginners

The French beginners course is a course originally produced for Distance Education and has recently been adapted to meet the demands of the new syllabus. The preliminary course consists of 4 modules each containing 4 units of work with the relevant audio files and 4 one-week review modules, to be completed after each module. The HSC course consists of 3 modules plus 3 one-week review modules. Following the completion of these modules there is additional material to help students prepare for the upcoming HSC examination.

Weekly to fortnightly phone contact with their teacher allows students to practice the speaking skills component of the course interactively, and also allows for more immediate support of students in their learning.

French Continuers

The French continuers course is a new course produced for Distance Education by NSW School of Languages. The preliminary course consists of 21 units and the HSC course consists of 20 units. The audio files are available for download via Moodle. On completion of the course there is additional material, which students can study to consolidate their learning.

The course is very comprehensive and aims to develop all four-skill areas. Additionally, material has been produced in each skill area to be completed simultaneously with each unit of work and consolidate the skills and to develop examination technique. Phone lessons are organised on a weekly or fortnightly basis. with the aim of developing the students' conversational skills.

French Extension

The French Εxtension course is a course produced solely for Distance Education. It provides students with opportunities to develop a greater competence and fluency in the language and to explore contemporary issues in French.  The course consists of the study of extracts from a prescribed film with the relevant film segments, comprehensive notes and Study Booklets provided .Students will use materials adapted from various text books as well as current source material from French newspapers, periodicals and the Internet to gain knowledge appropriate for the main theme of the course; The individual and Contemporary Society.  This will allow students to develop their vocabulary and consolidate the four language skill areas at the appropriate level. 

Course materials

The following is a list of learning materials which need to be purchased for the specified course. All prices are approximate.  If a course is not listed, the materials are provided by NSW School of Languages via the Moodle site.


Stage 5/Year 9

  • 200 hour course (for beginning students only).
  • Tapis Volant 1 Online publishing rights 
  • $37.50

HSC Courses

French Extension

  • Film: Neuilly sa Mère! by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière.
  • $24 approx.

The DVD can be purchased from:


Students should have a comprehensive language dictionary. We recommend the purchase of one of the following dictionaries:

  • Collins French Dictionary and Grammar ($26 approx).
  • Larousse Concise Dictionary ($27 approx).
  • Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary. ISBN 9780199560912  Oxford University Press.
  • Foreign Language Dictionaries » Bilingual Dictionaries French. Hardback 1472 pages. Price: $45.55.

In addition, for smartphone and tablet users we highly recommend the fast and easy to use Larousse English-French Dictionary App available from:

  1.  Apple App Store ($5:49 approx.).
  2.  Android Google Play ($5 approx.).

Some information about the Larousse dictionary phone app:

Un dictionnaire de référence plébiscité par la presse et les utilisateurs du monde entier!

  • 250 000 mots et expressions
  • 400 000 traductions
  • 3 000 abréviations
  • de nombreux proverbes et expressions idiomatiques
  • Une fonction Favoris et Historique
  • la conjugaison de tous les verbes (à tous les temps et tous les modes).
  • La prononciation de 450 000 mots (en mode connecté).
  • Rapide : un positionnement directement dans la nomenclature.
  • Pratique : un hypertexte sur tous les mots.

Stage 6 Syllabuses (From NESA)

You can go to the NESA syllabus download page in order to access all the syllabus avaliable.


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French Connection

Read all about our French Connections (PDF 469KB) in our previous location in the Eastern Suburbs.