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Knowledge of one or more foreign languages can be useful in a wide range of careers and, in the 21st century, knowledge of a language besides English can enhance an individual's career opportunities.

With the increasingly global marketplace and Australia's growing involvement in international business, the importance of foreign languages to Australia in nearly every kind of occupation is evident. Foreign language specialists help break the communication barriers in areas as diverse as international diplomacy, trade, import/export, international finance, stock markets, health, hospitality and retail, and foreign negotiations. Many employers actively seek potential employees with second language skills in addition to their area of expertise since their company or organisation constantly needs to communicate with speakers of other languages

Languages provide great career opportunities

Types of careers

The following list gives some examples of various careers and jobs in which the knowledge of foreign language is either essential or highly useful, and could possibly be a condition of employment.

Arts and Media


International Art Dealer

International Art Historian


Fashion Industry jobs



Publishing companies

Journalists, including foreign correspondents and travel writers

Recording Specialists

Fashion Buyer


Film production and entertainment media


Foreign Correspondent

Foreign News Photographer

International Communications

International Radio Correspondent

Media Specialist

Translator of books, articles, and review


Bilingual Clerks

Business Executives

Finance Director

Financial Planning Associate


Income Tax Consultants

International Account Manager

International Agency Staff

International Business Manager

International Buyer

International Consultant

International Lawyer

International Sales Representative

International Trade Economist

International Trade Specialist

Market Researcher

Multilingual Port Receptionist

Overseas Personnel Manager

Overseas Plant Manager


Patent Attorney

Personnel Manager

Production Supervisor

Public Relations Expert

Quality Control Supervisor

Specialists for Import/Export firms

Transport Equipment Manager

Representative for Foreign Companies

International Banking and Finance settlements and transactions.

Recruitment Personnel

Import/Export sales representative

Representatives in Foreign Companies

Global banking, accounting and finance


Bilingual Educator

Foreign Student Advisor

Overseas teaching for private corporations

Overseas teaching for diplomats' families



Textbook author or editor

University comparative literature department

University foreign language department

University foreign study office

University linguistics department

University school of education

Interpreter in an embassy, consulate, social services

Translating services including websites, subtitles, books

Sports coach


Accountant in ethnic communities

Bilingual Teller

Banking Correspondent

Bank Officer

International Banking Officer

International Finance Consultant

Various jobs in banks and insurance companies


Bilingual staff in Government Agencies

Court Interpreter

Cultural Attaché

Cultural Officer

Customs Official

Customs/Immigration Officer

Diplomatic Corps

Foreign Consul

Foreign Diplomat

Foreign Exchange Trader

Foreign Service Officer

Foreign Service Peacekeeping

Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Researcher

Intelligence Specialist



National Security Agent


UNESCO Official

International non-profit organisations

Department of Defence and International Embassies

Aid agency worker

Government/ Non-Government Organisations

Armed Services


Botanical Medicine Specialist

Doctors working with minority populations

Emergency Medicine

Health Services

Hospital Management

Laboratory Technician

Nurses working with minority populations

Nursing and Medicine in Ethnic Communities


Studying or practicing medicine overseas

Tropical Disease Specialist



Museum Curator


Scientific Interpreter

Scientific Linguist

Scientific research and translating

Scientific Translator

Cultural Advisor

Social services

Bilingual or Multilingual Police Officer

Bilingual or Multilingual Social Worker

Case Worker

Civil Service Employee

Court Interpreter

Foreign Social Worker

Human Resources Director

Immigration Counsellor

International Police Officer

Law Enforcement Officer

Multilingual Defence Attorneys

Nursing in ethnic communities

Public Assistance Interviewer

Social Work Specialist

Health Services

Social services

Immigration services

Travel services

Flight Attendants

Airport Personnel

Foreign Travel Advisor

Hotel and Resort Staff Manager

International Conference Planner

Restaurant Staff Manager

Tourist Guide

Travel Agent

Travel Writer

Hotel/Resort Management