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Course overview

Stage 5

The Stage 5 Year 9 and 10 courses in Latin are based on a course produced solely for Distance Education. Students study 19 units of work and 5 revision units for Year 9 and 26 units and 7 revision units in Year 10 to be completed on a weekly basis. Two audio cassettes accompany the units to aid students in pronunciation. Students study intensively both the language and the culture of the Roman Civilization.

Students are encouraged to contact their teacher regularly for phone lessons and for pronunciation practice and to discuss any issues they might have regarding the course.

Stage 6

Latin continuers

The Latin continuers course has five booklets and three accompanying audio files in the preliminary course, each booklet containing 5 units of work and a revision unit to be completed on a weekly basis. In the HSC course students study 25 packages of work to be completed weekly, which includes excerpts from the prescribed texts, one of poetry and one of prose.

Prescribed text Study booklets accompanies each of the prescribed texts to develop students' skills in translation and interpretation.

Regular phone contact with their teacher allows students to develop their pronunciation skills as well as give students immediate feedback and support in their learning.

Syllabuses (From BOSTES)

Go to the BOSTES syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.