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Course overview

View or print a Spanish language brochure (PDF 9.7 MB)

Stage 5

NSW School of Languages offers our Year 9 and 10 Spanish students an engaging learning experience with effective and innovative learning activities.

Students will require access to a computer and the internet during their allocated Spanish periods as much of their work is to be completed online. Students will work through learning activities on our eLearning site and are encouraged to further their learning through engagement with Spanish-speaking communities and Spanish-language media.

Students schedule regular telephone or video-call lessons to practise their interaction and speaking skills with our experienced and highly skilled Spanish teachers. Students are also encouraged to interact in Spanish with their peers where possible and are invited to attend our school in Petersham for a face-to-face lesson and participate in online lessons every term.

Students may begin their Spanish learning journey with us in Year 9 or Year 10. Students who successfully complete their studies in Year 9 and Year 10 may proceed to the Spanish Continuers course in Year 11.

100 hour course Spanish

The Year 10 Spanish 100 hour course is designed for students who have not previously studied Spanish. Students who complete the 100 hour course, remain eligible for the Stage 6 Beginners course, dependant on meeting other criteria and this course is excellent preparation for the Stage 6 Beginners course.

Stage 6 (Years 11 & 12) Spanish Beginners

The Stage 6 Spanish Beginners course: Embrace the language journey!

At the NSW School of Languages, we take pride in offering an exceptional online language-learning experience. The Stage 6 Spanish Beginners course is interactive and thoughtfully crafted to provide students with a solid foundation in the Spanish language.

Our course is designed by language experts and experienced teachers who understand the 21st-century student and the needs of our society. The curriculum ensures a seamless progression from the basics to more advanced language concepts while exploring creativity, ITC skills, communication, and critical thinking.

Students will engage in a variety of interactive learning materials, including multimedia resources, online exercises, and one face-to-face lesson per term, where they will have the opportunity to put into practice the skills learned.

Benefit from a supportive and personalized learning environment with our weekly speaking lessons. The Stage 6 Spanish Beginners course is perfect for anyone with a curious mind and a desire to learn a new language.

Spanish Continuers

The Stage 6 Spanish Continuers course: Elevate your language proficiency and cultural understanding!

Our Stage 6 Spanish Continuers course offers a unique and enriching online language-learning experience for students seeking to elevate their Spanish proficiency. Whether you have a Spanish-speaking background, have lived in a Spanish-speaking country, or have studied the language before, this course is your gateway to a deeper appreciation of Hispanic culture.

Our course caters to learners of diverse backgrounds and proficiency levels, ensuring an inclusive and engaging learning environment. Join our vibrant learning community of passionate teachers and students.

By completing one online module per week, one speaking lesson a week, and one face-to-face lesson per term, you will get to interact with other students and share learning experiences and beliefs. Embark on this inspiring cultural and linguistic adventure today!

Spanish Extension

The current Spanish Extension course is a course created by the NSW School of Languages. The course is presented by a background information package consisting of learning modules and every week students need to complete a series of activities related to the prescribed film También la Lluvia (Even the Rain) and the prescribed issues. The original activities are supported by additional materials and in-depth study and analysis related to the prescribed text's themes and issues.

Course materials


The following is a list of learning materials which need to be purchased for the specified course.  If a course is not listed, the materials are provided by NSW School of Languages.

HSC courses

Spanish Extension (2020-2024 HSC)

Text Type: Film
Title: También la Lluvia (Even the Rain) 2010
Director: Iciar Bollain

Available online.


All students should have a comprehensive language dictionary. Please consult the Spanish faculty for advice regarding dictionaries.

Stage 6 Syllabuses (from NESA)

Go to the NESA syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.