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Home school supervisors play a vital role in supporting students in their learning.

Here at the NSW School of Languages we value and appreciate the commitment and effort of our supervisors, parents and carers and our students.

In this section, supervisors can download information and documents related to the supervisor's role.

Please note: information and documents are currently in the process of being updated and modified to reflect our new school name and logo, so please continue to visit this section of the website for updates.

Supervisor information booklet 2020 (PDF 1669KB)

Supervisor's Day

To show appreciation for our supervisors we hold a Supervisor's day each year.

The 2020 Supervisor's Day will take place on Tuesday 3 March at the NSW School of Languages. Supervisor's are invited to attend the day and make a booking with the student(s) teacher(s). 

Please download and read the Supervisor's Day Invitation and Program (PDF 579KB), which also includes a detailed step by step instructions guide on making bookings with teachers.



Home School Portal

NSW School of Languages has implemented the Distance Education Management System (DEMS), an online database system to cater for our administrative and teaching and learning record keeping.

Developed by Millennium Schools, this database offers teachers, supervisors, parents and carers and our students a gateway for sharing information on student engagement and communications in the course.

For more information download the guide to home school portal (PDF 921KB).

Course codes

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requires our students to be entered on their system using the NESA languages course codes (PDF 34KB).

Our school does not have access to register the student so it is the responsibility of the home school to enter the students with NESA using the appropriate language code and our school code 5000.