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English as a Second Language

Stage 6 ESL

Stage 6 English as a Second Language (ESL) is available to students in regional and rural government secondary schools.

Course overview

  • After confirming their email address, students are given access with a username and password to the ESL Moodle course, the e-learning site of NSW School of Languages.
  • The course has been purpose written for Stage 6 ESL and is an ATAR course. It includes interesting and interactive materials with a variety of exercises, while offering ample exam preparation and practice.
  • Students complete exercises online, which are then uploaded, marked by their teacher, and returned online for quick feedback.
  • Students are taught via face to face video conference lessons and sometimes also through telephone lessons.
  • Students receive 2 lessons per week (45-50 minutes each) either individually or in groups of two.
  • Lessons are taught using blended delivery and require some independent work.
  • ESL Preliminary Course Content.

Terms 1 and 2

Area of Study: Identity – Mao's Last Dancer (film) and On Loan by Anne Brooksbank (novel study).

Terms 2 and 3

Elective A: Views of Australia – My Country by Dorothy Mackellar (poem) and Crocodile Dundee (film).

Term 3

Elective B: Texts in the Community.

Terms 1, 2 and 3

Listening - A series of exercises and explanation of listening techniques and analysis, accompanied by practice listening tasks.

ESL HSC Course Content

Term 4

Module B: Living and Working in the Community.

Term 4, Term 1, Term 2

Area of Study: Discovery.

Poetry of Oodgeroo Noonuccal, The China Coin by Allan Baillie (novel study) and other related texts, including Mao's Last Dancer (film) from Year 11.

Terms 2 and 3

Module A: Australian Voices.

The Castle (film) and other related texts, including Crocodile Dundee (film) from Year 11.

Terms 4, 1, 2 and 3

Listening - A series of exercises and explanation of listening techniques and analysis, accompanied by practice listening tasks.

Course Materials

Course materials and texts are provided by NSW School of Languages and The Equity Resources Centre.

Supervisors will download and colour print the 4 booklets for each student, which accompany the 4 online modules in each year of study.

Other texts are sent to the supervisors.

Students must return all texts a week after their final yearly examinations.

Below is a brief list of requirements for the principal to consider before he/she enrols a student in the Stage 6 English (ESL) course.

  • The student has been educated in English for 5 years or less prior to Year 11 or the student is a refugee and/or has had interrupted schooling.
  • The home school can provide a supervising teacher with period allocation, who is familiar with the English syllabus to support the student.
  • The home school can provide video conferencing facilities, photocopy course booklets in colour for the student and provide the student with a laptop or desktop computer.
  • The student is capable of independent study.
  • The student has completed the New Arrivals Program or has received instruction in English for at least one year with support from an ESL teacher.

Syllabus (From NESA)

The course follows the NESA Stage 6 English (ESL) syllabus.