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Korean Hana Centre

Welcome to the Korean Hana Centre, NSW School of Languages

Our Korean Hana Centre provides language students in NSW schools with stimulating and authentic cultural experiences and develops their language skills and cultural understanding.

The name Korean Hana Centre means ‘one in harmony'. This combines the enjoyment of learning Korean language and culture with deepening our knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

Students and teachers who visit the Korean Hana Centre are immersed in Korean language and culture through engaging learning programs.

Getting to the Korean Hana Centre

The Korean Hana Centre is located within a 5-10 minute walk from Lewisham and Petersham stations.

Maps end here
Maps end here

Download a printable copy of the our location and entrances map (PDF 485 KB).

To access the bus stop map and links to various public transport planners and timetables to help you plan your trip download a copy of the Petersham bus stop map (PDF 300 KB).


Teachers accompanying their students to the Korean Hana Centre are expected to participate as staff members in the day's program. Their involvement in the program will assist in:

  • motivating the active participation of the students
  • encouraging students during a day in which only Korean is spoken
  • supervising students during activities and during lunch and morning tea breaks
  • ensuring students understand and follow the guidelines of the Centre
  • ensuring students do not litter any areas of the school.

At all times, the accompanying teachers will be responsible for the behaviour and discipline of their students. To ensure that students are able to participate fully in the program, any disruptive students will be referred to their teacher. The participating school is responsible for damage caused by any irresponsible behaviour.

Lunch options

The Korean Hana Centre is able to provide dosirak boxes for lunch. The cost is $14 per dosirak and the minimum order is 20, including the teacher.

We can cater for some dietary requirements, however, students with allergies, halal, vegetarian requirements are asked to bring their own food to the centre.


The GST-inclusive cost of a visit to the Centre is:

  • $17 per student for NSW government schools
  • $32.00 per student for non-government and interstate schools.

The fee covers the cost of:

  • morning tea of juice and rice crackers
  • equipment for activities.


Participation in a Korean Hana Centre program offers students full immersion in a total Korean experience. From the initial welcome to the last goodbye, all communication is in Korean, with Centre staff experienced in communicating effectively with both Korean and non-Korean speakers from Year 1 to Year 12. Please let us know in advance if your group includes students with special learning needs.

Pre-excursion materials

These are available to familiarise students with the Centre in preparation for their immersion visit. No other special preparation is required prior to the visit as the program reflects what students have already studied, incorporating any special requests made by their teacher.

Programs developed by the Korean Hana Centre offer a wide range of activities designed to suit every level of language proficiency. A Korean Hana Centre visit is a stimulating and motivating learning experience for both students and teachers.

At the Centre

  • students engage in a 4 hour program
  • program activities introduce students to Korean language and culture, providing them with engaging opportunities to extend and practise their language skills
  • the program is customised to suit each school's needs
  • some activities are individual but most tasks focus on teamwork
  • the focus of the program varies and offers choices of a wide range of activities, including:
    • language skills activities (for either language introduction or extension of skills)
    • cultural awareness tasks, craftwork and art
    • combinations of these as requested by the teacher
  • if appropriate, a completely new activity can be created for your student group.

Food arrangements

A mid-morning snack is provided by the Centre. Students may bring their own lunch or bibimbap can be pre-ordered for them.


To arrange a visit:

  1. Call or email the Centre to arrange a date for your excursion.
  2. Download, complete and scan the booking form package (DOCX 77 KB) which contains a booking form, Centre information sheet and a risk management sheet for teachers who may wish to use it as an aid in their planning for the excursion.
  3. Be sure to enter detailed information about your students' prior learning and language proficiency levels.
  4. Ensure that your principal has signed the Centre information sheet included in the package.
  5. Confirm your booking by returning the completed booking form, Centre information sheet and a student list by email.

Contact us

If you need to contact us see our contact details.