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Course overview

View or print a Portuguese language brochure (PDF 5703KB)

Stage 6

Portuguese Continuers

The Portuguese Continuers course is a course written and produced by the NSW School of Languages. Students study the language gaining a wide exposure to it as well as to the diverse cultures and ways of life of Portuguese-speaking communities.

Both the Preliminary and HSC courses consist of 4 modules each containing 5 parts. The course is very comprehensive and aims to develop all 4 skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Upon enrolment, students become members of the virtual Portuguese Continuers class on the NSW School of Languages e-learning site. Students will then be able to access all learning and other relevant materials for this course online.

Phone lessons are organised on a weekly basis with the aim of developing the students' conversational skills.

Syllabuses (from NESA)

Go to the NESA syllabus downloads page for more information on the syllabus.